Janning Trumann

trombonist – NICA artist since 2020
© Patrick Essex

Dedicated to the scene: Not only involved in the creative boiling as a trombonist.

Janning Trumann, born in Uelzen in 1990, studied jazz trombone at the Cologne University of Music and at the New York University. With Cologne as his base, the trombone player and composer tours all over Germany with his own ensembles. He is also active as curator for his own concert series in Cologne and is speaker of the Cologne Jazz Conference. He is also the managing director of Cologe Jazzweek. First edition of the festival was held in 2021.

In 2016, Trumann won »J. J. Johnson Award« by the International Trombone Association (ITA) and was awarded the »Förderpreis Musik des Landes Nordrhein Westfalen 2016« (a sponsorship award by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the music category).

Unlike almost any other musician, Janning Trumann demonstrates that mastering the tools of his trade and an intuitive spark are not sufficient to survive as a freelance jazz and improvisation musician. The trombonist has long been in demand internationally as an instrumentalist and collaborator in diverse settings of contemporary jazz. He has most certainly proven himself with class, flexible sound, and a good sense of perceptiveness in a wide range of musical contexts, from small, chamber music-like ones to large orchestral settings.

However, unlike any other musician of his generation, he is aware that in the jazz scene artistic talent only leaves an impression if presented with necessary care in an appropriate setting, and if the environment, its scene is conducive to it. By choosing Cologne as his home base for his musical career, trombonist, composer, producer and activist Janning Trumann has set the tone for his musical ambitions accordingly. In the stylistically diverse and high-quality jazz scene of Cologne he has found the motivation and inspiration for his own projects such as the Janning Trumann 4, the Janning Trumann Oktett or TRILLMANN and this is where he contributes to the creative buzz. However, he has moved beyond his strictly musical work. By establishing the label Tangible Music, he has made sure that he can present his music (and that of similarly inspired colleagues whose productions he supports, if desired) to the public independently from the confines of the music industry. In addition, he curates concert series where he plays with guests from the current international scene and as chairman of the Kölner Jazzkonferenz e.V. he is also involved in the development of the musical infrastructure in Cologne.

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