Elisabeth Coudoux

cellist - NICA artist since 2019
© Nadine Heller-Menzel

Exploring the spectrum of sound: For the cellist, the way to her own voice.

Cellist Elisabeth Coudoux, born in 1985, came from classical instrumental studies via Jazz to New Music and free improvisation in her search after new sounds and playing techniques. For her, exploring the instrument’s sound range is a constant broadening search for her own voice. Poetic miniatures emerge while analysing intuitive movement patterns, noisy stories are told, and unknown soundscapes explored. As a solo artist, she loves the challenge of spontaneous encounters. She has played with Michael Zerang, Mark Dresser, Biliana Voutchkova, Mick Beck, Sandra Weiss, Xavier Charles, Marcus Schmickler, among others.

In her ensemble Emißatett, founded in 2013, the cello resonates as an orchestral sound body on equal footing with the other players’ sound, the focus always shifting between individual expression and free collective energy. What needs to be negotiated is that balance between improvising idiosyncrasy and a common musical form. Coudoux plays at festivals and concert series all over the world, such as All Ears Festival, In a Landscape, Moers Festival, Roskilde Festival, Krakow Jazz Autumn, Drei Tage Zeit, Météo Festival and many more. She is a member of several ensembles and projects such as Zeitkratzer, Fear O’ She (Gropper, Kaufmann, Kummer, Coudoux), she is a NICA participant as well as initiator and long-time IMPAKT e.V. board member.