Pablo Held releases first solo album on own label

16.08.2021 |

NICA Artist Pablo Held will release “Embracing You”, his first solo album on his own new label “Hopalit Records” on October 1, 2021. After 13 albums on Pirouet Records & Edition Records, Held now wants to document his work on his own, entering into a more direct exchange with his audience. The album can be pre-ordered here.

The album features eleven tracks, including eight compositions penned by Held and three interpretations of works by his musical heroes John Taylor, Wayne Shorter &Thelonious Monk. For the production of the vinyl album Hopalit Records collaborates with Green Vinyl Records.The Dutch pressing plant is currently causing a sensation with a revolutionary environmentally friendly pressing method.

“Embracing You” is special for Held in many ways: it is not a classic piano solo album, but also features Mellotron, Celestaand synthesizers in addition to the grand piano. The recording process took almost a year, with several recording sessions in different studios and some creative changes of direction. Above all, “Embracing You” is dedicated to his family, which was the main source of inspiration for his music, especially during the Corona period.

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